Understand Work at Home Data Entry Jobs – What Are They?

What are Work at Home Data Entry Jobs? Data Entry Jobs – You may have already heard of this but have not really understood what they are all about. These are one of the many different careers you can find online. I have a lot of friends who work with data entry jobs and they have found it very profitable in doing so. They also say it does not require much thinking compared to other jobs that can be found online.

Hector, my neighbor has three data entry jobs and to my surprise he still has all the time to hang around with his friends and still relax with some of his hobbies daily. I went for a walk with him one afternoon and asked him how he does all this – THREE WORK AT HOME DATA ENTRY JOBS PLUS DAILY HOBBIES AND HANG OUTS.

When I was asking him he was laughing while telling me that a data entry job is very simple and they are not overly time demanding. He began to tell me about the job.

Data Entry is merely the method of entering of information into different electronic formats. This may be done by using word processing or data processing software. “Well, the catch here is to be familiar with several types of software so you do all your tasks easy and breezy.”

I thought it sounded technical. He went on and discussed that experience is not really a big deal in this realm. You can learn it as you are actually doing it. Aside from the software familiarization, you also need to be reasonably fast in typing since you are going to transcribe information.

He went on and continued that the requirements for getting the job are simple. It does not need any formal training. The technical part is only with the software familiarization. You can also learn this in about four to five days depending on your discipline.

Hector enumerated to me the requirements of the job:

a.) A high school diploma or GED equivalent

b.) Software Knowledge

c.) 60 words in one minute – the required typing speed

The reason why typing speed is very important here is because this is the bread and butter part of the job. You type a lot daily. If you still are learning the different software systems then you can be a typist or keyboardist first.

Since I was getting intrigued by this work at home data entry jobs, after the walk with Hector I Googled it and found out that there are many companies online that offer the data entry opportunities. Since I wanted to try it, here is what I did. If you are interested in getting the job, do the same because this is what I used and I actually got three employers calling me for an interview.

1.) Created my Resume: I put in my resume only my typing experiences and software knowledge aside from my personal information. I was honest in my details and did not fake anything. I passed it in with the other requirements. Of course, I doubled checked my resume and requirements before passing them to my prospective employer.

2.) The Interview: Luckily, I was called by two employers for an interview. They asked me how much I knew about the job and I was transparent enough to tell them that I heard it from a friend. I shared with them my knowledge of the software that I was required to learn. I know two main software programs and then I also showed them my speed in typing.

These are the two steps I used and I got hired by two work at home data entry job employers. I realized it really pays to be honest.

If you are planning to get work at home data entry jobs then try the two steps above,you will be pleased you did.

How to Become More Client Attractive and Business Magnetic When Promoting Yourself and Your Services

Today, I’d like to talk about how to become more client attractive and business magnetic when promoting yourself and your services. Building a business is a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical journey, where you learn, grow, expand and evolve both personally and professionally all the time in every moment, every day, every week, every month, every year.However, in order for you to build a business to truly thrive you need to become more client attractive and create a more client magnetic business so that you can consistently and authentically attract your ideal clients that love to work with you and you love to work with – all while making a difference and getting well-paid doing what you love.The challenge is that many enlightened entrepreneurs: coaches, authors, speakers, trainers, leaders and experts are brilliant at their “craft” and they love doing it, but they aren’t really sure how to explain to people (their potential clients) about how they can help them in a way that is compelling, client attractive and business magnetic so that they can make a higher impact and higher income doing what they love.The good news is there is a way, a process or method. And today I’d like to share with you one of my authentic formulas to express what you do in a way that is client attractive, business magnetic and makes your packages (programs, products and services) truly irresistible to your ideal clients.My authentic formula is about the right combination of your “Service Design versus Service Delivery.” The key is when you talk to your potential clients about who you are, what you do and how you help them, you need to focus 95% on your “service design,” which means the value-added outcome, transformation, solution, results and benefits your ideal clients will experience from working with you, and focus ONLY 5% on your “service delivery” that is how you deliver that value-added outcome, transformation, solution, results and benefits to your ideal clients, meaning the features and processes.So the “WHAT” value-added outcome, transformation, solution, results and benefits = 95% while the “HOW” you deliver them, for example, a 1-day intensive, 5-week teleseminar, 3-month program, etc, = 5% of the business conversation.So again, my authentic formula for becoming more client attractive and business magnetic when promoting yourself and your business is:Service Design = 95% and Service Delivery = 5%. Total = 100%!When you do that, you not only become more client attractive and more business magnetic but you also start attracting all the clients you most want, desire and dream of because your business services, programs and products become truly irresistible when you talk to people about the outcome, transformation, solution, results and benefits they really want and are already looking for.The reason for that is no one really cares about how you deliver your services, programs and products; it’s just 5% of the equation. In other words, your potential clients are not interested in what you’re offering in terms of features and/or processes (= your service delivery). But they are eager to learn more and want to work with you if you show them your solution-based, results-focused, benefit-rich, value-added outcome and transformation you uniquely provide when they work with you. That’s TRULY irresistible.The truth is “People don’t really care what you do or how you do it, as along you’ll give them the solution, the outcome, the transformation, the benefits, the results they want.” Because the reality is “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”Allow me to help you become more client attractive and business magnetic by answering these questions and be totally honest with yourself. Take your time and really reflect on this.When networking and promoting yourself, your business, your services, programs and products…1. Are you talking about your “service delivery,” how you deliver your services, programs and products, in other words, offering features and processes to people OR are you talking about your “service design,” showing them the value-added outcome and transformation, offering them the results and benefits, and giving them the solution for their specific situation?2. Are you talking about your “service delivery” or are you talking about your “service design” with your potential clients?At the end of the day…3. What do you really DO for your clients?4. What’s the transformation they experience from working with you?5. What’s the solution you provide to their specific situation?6. What’s the value-added outcome they get from working with you?7. What results can they expect from doing your work?8. What benefits do you bring to them?9. What are your clients walking away with?Please think and consider that carefully. They are the key to set yourself up to success in becoming more client attractive and business magnetic.And remember to look at all your promotion materials, your website, your messages, etc. It’s that important to become more client attractive and business magnetic when promoting yourself and your services so that you can attract all the clients you want, desire and dream of – all while being authentic and aligned with your passion and purpose.If you are talking about the value-added outcome and transformation, giving your potential clients the solution, and you are offering them the benefits and the results they most want, I promise you, you will become more client attractive and business magnetic when promoting yourself, your business, your services, programs and products… GUARANTEED!That’s the way it works. That’s the way to go. So from now on, focus 95% on your “service design” – what value-added outcome, transformation, solution, results and benefits your ideal clients experience when working with you and give them what they REALLY want, OK?!Authentic Business Success in ActionMake a list of all the value-added outcome, transformation, solution, results and benefits your clients get from working with you. Write down everything they learn, discover, receive and experience when using your services, programs and products. And start using them 95% of the time when talking to your potential clients and in all your promotion materials (spoken and written)… everything you use to promote your business, your programs, products and services.Now the key is to go and do it. Apply the Law of G.A.D.I., remember? Go And Do It! Spend some time with this and become more client attractive, more business magnetic and truly irresistible to your ideal clients today, tomorrow and beyond!QUESTION: What ONE “service design” do you offer? Please share your breakthroughs, a-has or challenges below. I’d love to hear from you. And remember, I’d love to mentor you on that. I’m here when you need me. Thriving Together, Olivia

Payday Loan: Five Reasons Why You Should Get One

A payday loan is now becoming more and more popular. Many people are now getting payday advance in order that they have the immediately financial help that they have. This has been becoming an ordinary scenario that those who have heard of it are also planning of availing one. However, before you jump into the move of securing a payday loan, you have to make it appoint to really evaluate how much you needed and if your reason is worth it.For the benefit of those who do not know this that much, payday loans are advances that you can get on your next paycheck. There will be a contract will be drawn stating that you agree to pay the money back that you had borrowed plus the extra interest that was put into it. One thing that makes this very different from the conventional and ordinary loan is that there would be no credit check and all you have is a confirmation that you are employed for the next months that you will be paying the loan.Before getting one, consider the following reasons that will make it helpful if you get a payday loan. These reasons will also give you an idea if you really need a payday loan or not.1. One of the basic reasons is when all of a sudden your car, which is your only means of transportation, broke down. Living the hectic life that we have right now, having a car of our own is an essential thing since it can take us back and forth our work. Moreover, now-a-days, people are relying much on the convenience and necessity that a car offers. So one of the possible reasons for you to consider a loan like this is if you want to have your car fixed as soon as possible so that you can get back to your daily normal routine.2. One reason also that will give you the right justification to avail a payday loan is when you encounter a major emergency or some breakage in your home. One good example is when your plumbing breaks, an air-conditioner, or a heater suddenly breaks down too, or an appliance, like a refrigerator, that you utilize on a daily basis and without it, the day-to-day routine will also be greatly affected. These unexpected events and emergencies are indeed reasons enough for you to apply for this loan since borrowing from relatives and friends will not be instant.3. Another good reason is for medical purposes. There are instances when we need to seek medical help and have a doctor’s appointment and will be required to get an expensive medication for you or a loved one. This is particularly so for those people who have no insurance and those who undergo money shortages that require a quick answer and help.4. Next is to meet your dues on time. There are occasions when bills just seemed to pile up and will be due any time of month and you have no emergency cash to settle them. This is especially because if you ordered a bounced check, you will be in for a more expensive penalty rather than having a payday loan. With this situation, payday loans are far a better decision when faced with these short-term problems on cash flow.5. And finally, it is also advisable to avail of this loan when your credit has been in their maximum point already and bank loans are much too long to be approved. The bank loan usually takes a longer process than applying for a payday loan. What is more is that applying online is better than bearing with the long line of people waiting at the banks.As a final word, while some people are slowly falling into the bad habit of having one loan after another, a legitimate and a reasonable situation should only be your reasons in applying for the payday loan. Remember also that this serve only as an option and not something you can make a habit of doing every now and then. Take note that no matter how convenient it is, a payday loan is still a loan.

Savvy Graduates Think Like Their Employers

Recent college grads who want to get off to a good start in their first professional job would do well to think like their employers. Every employer has a variety of needs and wants that employees are expected to fulfill. The best employees recognize those needs and do everything in their power to satisfy them.”If you want to impress your employer, There are plenty of things you can do. One way to get some attention Is to prove they can count on you.”Employers want employees who . . .1. Understand The Business – New employees should make a special effort to learn about the products, services, customers and challenges at their new employer. You can’t make good decisions and do an effective job, when you know little about the operation. Smart employees study the literature, read the financials and talk with the employees who have the information they need.2. Achieve Positive Results – When new employees hit the ground running, employers will be impressed. Since you will see things with fresh eyes, you may spot a few areas that can be improved. Speed and quality together are usually well received. When you look for ways to improve productivity, beat deadlines and exceed quality requirements, you impact the numbers and show your employer that you can contribute.3. Make Sacrifices – Employees who make sacrifices for their employers and their customers are valued. By helping others, putting in overtime in order to meet deadlines and accepting responsibility even though personal sacrifices may be involved, employees demonstrate behaviors that employers value and appreciate. Employees who are unwilling to make some personal sacrifices for their employers often limit their promotional opportunities.4. Put Customers First – Most employers realize that without customers, there is no business. That’s why employees who put customers first and are willing to go the extra mile for a customer are valuable assets. On the other hand, employees who provide poor service or offend customers will be quickly eliminated.5. Solve Problems – Employers always appreciate employees who solve problems. The willingness to tackle problems along with the ability to gather the information and resources needed to come up with an acceptable solution is a skill that not everyone has. People who accept assignments that are too complex and end up failing will adversely affect the organization. Wise employees know when to ask for help.6. Treat Others With Respect – The best employees work well with others because they treat everyone with respect and appreciate their unique contributions. Since teamwork is critical to organizational success, team players are needed by every organization. They pick people up, support them and help them succeed. Employees who do not receive the respect they deserve will almost always underperform.7. Act In The Best Interests Of The Employer – The best employees always act in a way that will help their employers to succeed. They work hard to ensure that their employers accomplish the most critical goals. When choices are required, loyal employees anticipate the consequences and always act in the best interests of their employers. Employees who always put themselves first will limit their potential.8. Accept And Adjust To Changes – You will face hundreds of thousands of changes during your career. You can quickly adapt, complain and slowly adapt or fight the change and never adapt. Generally, those employees who accept the change, adapt quickly and move on will find greater success. Employees who can’t or won’t adapt become part of the problem.9. Present A Positive Attitude – The attitude you choose to present to others will either help you achieve your goals, hamper the achievement of your goals or prevent you from achieving your goals. The most appreciated employees choose to present a positive, can do, let’s give it a try attitude.10. Demonstrate Leadership Skills -Leaders move things forward and achieve results. Every employer loves them because they are able to mobilize and motivate others to perform at a higher level. They bring people together to achieve the goals that require teamwork, inspiration and exceptional performance.11. Understand The Bottom Line – Everything has a bottom line. Whether they are concerned about financials, productivity, quality, service or results, to survive, employers are bottom line oriented. Employees who understand and aggressively pursue bottom line results are highly valued. Only employers with great profit margins can offer great salaries and great benefits. Therefore, employees who merely show up to collect a paycheck add little value and have little value in the competitive world.There is a lesson here. College graduates who intend to find success in the competitive world should understand and achieve the needs and wants of their employer. Exceptional employees exceed requirements, please important customers, achieve outstanding results and solve or prevent the problems that hamper company success.Many college graduates will find it easier to achieve success when they decide to think like their employers and endeavor to make them stronger. Importantly, once students are employed, college grades no longer count. Grades don’t help anyone serve an angry and desperate customer or beat a critical financial deadline. Former “C” students will regularly compete with former “A” students, but only their performance and results will count.by Bob Roth The “College & Career Success” Coach

A Novice Guide to Tech Gadgets

Have you ever come across someone who is in the process of flaunting his newly acquired mobile phone? Some of the neighboring people even will resort to start asking queries about the product and in no time, the whole room will be assembled to get a glimpse of the phone or to hear something interesting regarding it. Welcome to the world of tech gadgets. These days’ people are preferring to own the latest and the advanced in the technologies in the hands. Technology is progressing rapidly. In this article, we will be looking into some reasons why tech gadgets became a craze with the latest generation.In the earlier passage, we saw that technology is progressing at a rapid pace. This can be touted to be the best reason for the popularity of tech gadgets. With the invention of transistors and micro controllers long with microprocessors, researchers could incorporate them in smaller circuit boards. Something that used to take a room or two during the early 40s can be assembled and held in the palm of your hands. With such propulsion, it is quite natural for people to wall for such tech gadgets.The second factor can be attributed to the falling prices. Market research has revealed that people tend to buy gadgets when they are priced appropriately. In other words, if a product is sold at rates that make it accessible to an average person, then that product becomes a success. This has been happening from the 80s. One will find that everyone in the marketing field is employing such aggressive pricing tactics. Market studies have also revealed that bringing out more features for a lesser price will attract even more customers. This can be found in the common tech gadgets that are present in the current market.Easy availability forms the next step in the entire paradigm. Imagine a reputed vendor is releasing a phone. What if it is made available in some selected countries in specified numbers? Such products will be a flop show. No one will ever bother to buy such products. People want global warranty for their products. They might buy the product from USA, use it on Malaysia, and might need servicing on India. The mentioned product must be made available in all these countries in order to have a good service network. People are intelligent as they look at such factors before investing on a product.The fourth factor is a slight variation of the above-mentioned factor i.e. online availability and the presence of the internet. How do people know about the latest tech gadget releases? Well, of course with the help of the internet. There are numerous blogs where millions from all over the world are known to flock daily, so that they might learn something or the other about the latest gadgets. The presences of such blogs have created a fan fare, a group of devoted followers who will be investing on quality tech gadgets.

Small And Midsized Company Marketing And Marketing Communications – Actionable Forecasts For 2018

You’ve probably been inundated recently with macro forecasts on the growth of digital media, artificial intelligence, mobile communications, videos, drones and more. But, as a small or midsize B2B, B2C or nonprofit marketer, what forecasts should you actually pay attention to, and which might be used to improve your profitability and ROI?I believe 2018 will be a bumpy ride and hope that my forecasts will smooth out the journey for you. Here goes:Improving Marketing And Marketing Communications By Paying Attention to These1. Considerable thought and time will be spent creating new website language to meet the explosive use of voice activated Internet searches. Voice activated searches, using “personal assistants”, accounted for twenty percent of searches in 2016 (ComScore) and are projected to reach fifty percent in 2020. Your website pages need to understand and reflect how people actually speak.2. Greater attention to brand transparency, complete truth and face-to-face interaction with customers and prospects will take center stage. Cybersecurity breaches, as well as eroding trust in media and institutions, has led to a significant and wide spread quest for truth. Events and interactions at the point-of-purchase provide opportunities to build (or re-build) brand trust.3. Reducing merchandise returns by e-commerce consumers will receive increased focus and require new strategies. While online sales are growing at about three times the rate of those for brick and mortar stores (in part, because of free shipping), almost one-third of e-purchases are sent back (versus nine percent for stores). As shipping is twenty to sixty-five percent of an e-retailers cost of goods (UPS), it’s all hands on deck to reduce this cost.4. While digital marketing will continue to grow, there will have to be significant improvements made for its continued development. Consider the following:- P&G has challenged Google, Facebook, YouTube and others to adapt safeguards against the existing fraudulent traffic reporting and inappropriate content by the end of 2017 or they will stop advertising with them; P&G has already pulled $140 million from them in 2017.- Walmart is also no longer advertising on YouTube.- Facebook claims it can potentially reach 101 million 18 to 34-year olds, but the Census Bureau counts only 76 million of this demographic.- The ANA is attempting to start a six-month, $50 million pilot study with 35 marketers in a test of 30 premium online publishers to determine their actual value.- Added to these, there have been accusations of social media kickbacks, while over 600 million consumers worldwide have ad blockers installed.It is clear dramatic improvements must be made and made quickly.5. As another outgrowth of the mistrust in the marketplace, employees, reps and distributors will become the new marketing communications “influencers”. Of necessity, these people will become “the brand”, and management will recognize the importance of an engaged workforce. In their quest to develop brand champions at every level, savvy leaders will foster authentic and open internal communications.6. Although it might seem to be a throwback, direct mail will receive renewed emphasis. According to Compu-Mail, average response rates for direct mail (5.1%) is far higher than for email (0.6%), paid searches (0.6%), social media (0.4%), or online display ads (0.2%). In fact, direct mail is even stronger among millennials, with response rates of 12.4% among those aged 18 – 24. Data also suggests that direct mail is better than email for generating longer term customer engagement.7. Bloggers will continue to be a factor, but writing longer posts, spending more time crafting them, and publishing less frequently (Orbit Media). Specifically, posts went from 808 words in 2014 to 1,142 words in 2017, with the average post taking nearly 3 ½ hours to create. The current regimen shows 3 percent posing daily, 22 percent posting weekly and the majority posting only several times a month or less often.Changing Your Strategy, Planning And Tactics1. Marketers will recognize that – in the face of a changing marketplace – the most important aspect of profitable growth and improved ROI is developing a meaningful marketing and marketing communications strategy. Having experimented in recent years with a vast variety of tactical resources (in large part because they’re easy to grasp), marketers have learned that, without any realistic measurement of their worth, these efforts may have been counterproductive. Putting tactics before strategy never works… “ready, fire, aim” comes to mind.2. Marketers, in fact, will spend much more time determining whether their marketing communications tactics are working. Admitting that clicks don’t inherently lead to increased profitable revenue, they will establish strict measurement and ROI of digital marketing the same way they do with traditional marketing.3. Beyond a focus on the efficiency of an advertising medium, considerably more thought will be built into selecting a specific medium based on consumer trust of the medium. A recent study of 1,030 consumers by Clutch showed television/broadcast video as the advertising medium most trusted (61%) and social media and online mediums as the least trusted (38% and 41%, respectively). Trust of all mediums is strongest among millennials and weakest among baby boomers.4. There will be a focus on transitioning from a marketing specialist environment, to generalists who can integrate and lead these specialists into an ROI driven team (Korn Ferry). This will be challenging as there is a shortage of marketing talent with broad experience, leadership and capability that can gain the trust of specialists who work together for the brand and not their specialty.Using Consultants For Improving Marketing And Marketing Communications ROIMost probably you’ve already put a lot of hard work into developing your 2018 plan. But perhaps these forecasts have raised some questions and concerns that you may not have thought of, and perhaps you don’t have the experience, time or staff to address them. If you’re concerned about marketing, you’re not alone. In fact, Infusionsoft surveyed 1,000 small business owners and found that nearly two-thirds feel that they “don’t know if their marketing strategies work” or “know that their strategies aren’t working”. So, what can you do?Consider tapping into an established, media neutral consultancy or person, with broad experience across industries, companies and nonprofits, both large and small, who are also willing to “tell it like it is”. Don’t settle for someone selling you one particular marketing discipline or experience in just your niche or industry. What is needed in these complicated times is not a “this is the way we’ve always done it” mentality, but rather a broad view of your business and opportunities.Like trained accountants and lawyers, a marketing professional will bring you fresh eyes, apolitical candor and a disciplined approach to today’s uncertain and untrusting marketing environment. Trust is the new black, and a knowledgeable consultant can help you build a meaningful and profitable business.But remember, “Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who put them into action are priceless.”

Harness the Power of Depth In Your Brand

There’s a common misconception in the small business world that looks like this:Brand = LogoThat’s simply not the case–a brand is so much more! If you think your brand is the same thing as your logo, then you’re missing out on your chance to harness most of your brand’s power.Here are the 5 powerful parts of your brand:1. Brand Positioning I call this the foundation of your brand. This is where you get really clear on exactly what your business is all about and stake your claim. Your position is your chance to choose what you want your business to create. You get to declare who you are, what you do, what makes you different from the competition, who your ideal clients are and what impact you make on them.Your position can even say what you aren’t–you can say “unlike other business coaches, who are milking the same tired marketing approaches that you see everywhere, I focus on finding new, innovative ways that you can market and monetize your business and I make them easy, so that you can be ahead of the pack”.You need to create your brand position before you do anything else with your brand. When you have a strong brand position that’s focused and clear, you’ll be able to create the rest of your brand to express that. Everything in your brand will be consistently singing the same song, which is essential to creating a profitable brand.2. Brand Identity This is where the logo fits in. A logo is a part of your brand, certainly–it’s the face of your business. When you pair your logo with other visual elements of your brand like your color palette, website design, look and feel, your headshot, and other design elements, these make up your visual brand, which is also called your brand identity.In your brand identity, you can communicate about your business and to show your style.Your brand identity speaks to your ideal clients through symbolism, the meaning of colors, emotion in photos, and the overall “look and feel” of your designs.3. Brand Message Every place where you’re writing about your business is a part of your brand message. This is your business name, tagline, features and benefits, your expert title, and the text in your website and on all of your other marketing materials.Your message is another opportunity to showcase your brand positioning.To make the most of your message, use those “just-right” words. By using your words precisely and by picking interesting words with personality, you’ll be able to communicate effectively and clearly with your clients.4. Brand Strategy Your brand strategy is an intentional, step-by-step plan that lays out how you’re going to use your brand message and brand identity to communicate your brand positioning to your ideal clients. What pieces, exactly, do you need to create? What will each communicate? How are you going to get them in front of your ideal clients? What’s your plan to keep everything consistent?Without a strategy, the other components of your brand are simply bits of stuff you’ve designed or created. The strategy is the part that helps you convert those “bits of marketing stuff” into paying clients.5. Brand Experience This is the experience of doing business with your company. Are you pampering your clients with VIP service? Is your business about get-results accountability? Do you guide your clients through your process and teach them what you know, or do you just jump in and get things done for them so they don’t have to worry about it?From the time that your client first hears about you, while they’re learning about you, to when they hire you, to the time when you’re delivering your service, all the way through to your follow-up after you’re creating an experience for them. What does your experience say about your brand?The bottom line is, you have to think both deeper and beyond your logo when you create your brand. So plan your brand on all levels to communicate and you’ll create a brand that’s powerful and profitable!